Tacettin ŞİMŞEK

Keywords: Short short Story,“Very Short Story”,poetry-story relationship,Necati Tosuner


There is a close relationship between short short story and poetry. Among the names, who emphasize the proximity of blood between poetry and short story and document that by their writings, there is also the recent times story writer Necati Tosuner. While defining which he called "very short story", author says "it is the proof of proximity of story to poetry rather than novel." Tosuner's short stories which overlaps with this thought, shows features that can be explained by verse and image emulation.To classify, they emulate poetry's verse and image.

In this article, poetry's verse and image elements will be searched at Necati Tosuner's short stories; selected texts will be examined according to this classification. Briefly, the footsteps of poetry at Tosuner's short stories will be sought.