Keywords: Tatar literature,Galimjan Giylmanov,the cosmic myth,mythology,poetic image of the mountain,lyrical-philosophical point of view


The Tatar literature, reached liberation and produced its own creativity, produced proses not only in a realistic method but also outside of romantic manners. In Tatar literature, archaic and cosmic issues were done, and these were taking mythology as the base of the literary work. The Tatar archaic type of prose and images are commonly observed in order to create a new myth. Using mythological images and old motifs, the contemporary Tatar writers are changing and creating their own myths.Galimcan Gıylmanov's Oça Torgan Keşeler (Uçan İnsanlar - Flying People) prose has mythological images and cosmic myths of mountain, and connects a relationship between today's life and the old culture. Making a synthesis of real and mythological subjects, the novel draws a way to real life, its laws, environment, even our own lives.