Keywords: Bakhtiyar Vahapzade,Molla Nasraddin Literary School,patriotism


It is possible to speak about serious literary connections between the art depending upon Mollanasraddin and the literary heritage of Bakhtiyar Vahabzada. Bakhtiyar Vahabzada was closely connected to "Molla Nasraddin" literary school as he himself affirmed this connection in different times. The Poet Wrote in his article "Patience, again Patience" that I answer that it is patience when asked the greatest master of mine was. This is such indeed. …. I want to say with this the greatest and the most correct way in our today's literature and social thought is the path of patience. This path was indeed that of Molla Nasraddin as determined by by the great Mirza Jalil Mammadkuluzade, and this path was led to the freedom, independence and development of the Azerbaijani people, as well as those of all of the Turkish-Muslim peoples.

Fighting poet has appreciated Bakhtiyar Vahapzade adopted the principles of Molla Nasraddin's literary school which turns patriotism to the question of the citizens in the Azerbaijani literature. Therefore, he adapted his own life and his literary art to the great Mirza Jalil's idea that the holy duty of the pen is to serve to the happiness people and this should be aim of the each writer.