Savaş Volkan GENÇ, Haluk PERK

Keywords: Cavalry riding equipment,Haluk Perk Museum,saddlery


54 pages long catalogue of military riding and saddle equipments, which is currently in the Archive of Haluk Perk Museum, was prepared by Ahmet Cevdet Istanbul Factory of Saddlery on May 20, 1928. Since it is the time of alphabet reform, catalogue was printed both in Ottoman and Latin based Turkish Alphabet.

The catalogue which was prepared for the requirements of Army, designed to meet the needs of cavalry troops which are used in military operations in the first years of the Republic. Designs, made by Sipahi Zade Ahmet Cevdet, consists of cavalry riding equipment, machine gun saddler equipment, transportation horse collar made for Ministry of Defense (Müdafaa-i Milliye Vekâleti) in the years of 1927 and 1928. Furthermore, three-piece models of the products are also located in the collection. Apart from these original drawings, drawings of stable gear designed by a German firm and used by Republic of Turkey at the time, French civil stable gear, Russian car collar and British hangers are included. Ahmet Cevdet says that Ruschuk saddle set without backstrap was very famous, that Bulgaria- Ruschuk was famous for saddlery and that he was also form Ruschuk. He states that Bulgarian government opened a saddlery school in Shumen, that the profession was about to die in Turkey. He says that the German riding equipment cannot be produced in every factory even in Germany, that it is a model requiring mastery, and that they manufacture this model scientifically. He states that they embroider their logos on all their products because of the confidence in their production. It is written on the logo which is in the form of a round seal "Ahmet Cevdet Saddlery Factory" in Arabic letters.

After the proclamation of the republic, even though Lausanne Peace Treaty was signed, Turkey frequently encountered internal uprisings. In this period where main road and railroad transportation is very limited, cavalry troops have maintained their importance. In this respect, saddler products and raw material required for those, also horses which are keystones of cavalry troops had great importance to the country.

This study lays emphasis on catalogue prepared by Ahmet Cevdet Istanbul Factory of Saddlery and what significance manufacturing of these products had to Turkey.