Keywords: Homeland,mother,being itself,turning to essence


Bakhtiyar Vahapzade is an artist who brings in a theoretical comment to extent dimension of life over spaces that provides person's historicity. In his texts, place makes individual like it's own and individual makes place like it's own; thus enable to come true the transformation of being itself. This space is like a norm character that set up, complete and externalize the individual with creative and resuscitative referents that bring consciousness of being itself.

Homeland has a quality of both a value-symbol and a factual site in Vahapzade's texts; it is not a certain ground, it functions as an element which transfers the meaning. It is unavoidable for person to bear this bodiless entity place in order to retrieve the consciousness of being itself by grazing the world of things. The native land, which is in an inherent coherence and interaction with the concept of mother and terraneous, embarrasses the individual disengagement and provides the national integration. By this way, it becomes a guarantee of existence for the nation. Every details of this space shelter the possibilities of turning to essence for a person as a locality invitation.

In this study, the homeland in which the most individual turns into the most national and the concept of mother which is in an archetypic relation to it is going to be analysed with the evaluation of functional dimensions in the context of inherent transformation dynamics.