Vurğun EYYUB

Keywords: Bakhtiyar Vahapzade,homeland,humanbeing,freedom,thought,merit


In his poetry Bakhtiyar Vahapzade, the great poet of the Turkic world deals with modern human being within the context of time, earth, national and human values, ideologies and freedom. In his poems such as "Death", "Life", "Seb-i Hicran", "Maqam" and in hundreds of others, such matters as life and death, martyrdom for the sake of freedom and country, richness of emotions and thoughts in human's psychological world, and the obligations and responsibilities of the human with the contradictions in the contemporary world were the issues that Bakhtiyar Vahapzade dealt with. He customarily criticized the chains of the old Soviet ideology that limit and oppress the world of the human being. The poet declared that human rights are superior than anything. Bahtiyar Vahabzade's poems are invaluable, important examples of art not only for Turkish-Islamic World but also for the whole humanity.