Kamuran ERONAT

Keywords: National homeland,patriotizm,liberty,integrity,longing


Süleyman Nazif, known for his sensitiveness to such noble values as patriotism and liberty tried to make his life meaningful with these values and tried to build the traits shaping his literary personality on these noble values.

Both in his social and literary life, the values encapsulating the poet's thoughts turned into essential focal points and doubtlessly, the cornerstones of his art arose out of this thematic variety. Nazif, expressing his excitement about national issues through many different perceptions, always depicted his feelings with the same rhythmic manner in his verses and prose. He displayed leadership that Turkish people would be able to follow when to patriotic and libertarian values were the issue of question. Constantly, he pointed out the dignity of the same values in İstanbul, Malta and Diyarbakır. Furthermore, he always preferred to put his homeland above the most profound entities. The most prominent characteristic of Süleyman Nazif, which makes him unforgettable, is the bold way of expression in his works. With the atrocity throughout the country and the righteousness of the poet, feeling himself as the spokesman of the society, the existing expressions gained acceleration and then turned into not only happy but also appealing and strong expressions when the country started to get rid of the agonies and proceeded to victory.