Keywords: Mevlânâ,Mevlevî,hilye,Lütfî Mehmed Dede


Lütfî Mehmed Dede, a descendant in the Mevlânâ's family and son of Nakşî Ali Dede, the sheikh of Manisa Mevlevîhâne became the sheikh at the same Mevlevîhâne after his father's death, and died in 1737. Lütfî Dede has a work named Hilye-i Mevlânâ written in mesnevi style. This work is the first sample of Hilye-i Mevlânâ type in Turkish literature, is in written form and has a length of 124 couplets. In his work, Lütfî Dede has drawn Mevlânâ's physical and spiritual portrait. In this work Lütfî Dede's life explained first and then his work will be examined Mevlânâ's characteristics will be emphasized according to this work and finally the full text will be given at the end.