Alâattin KARACA

Keywords: Cevahir ile Sadık Çavuş’un Buğday Kamyonu,Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu,İsmet İnönü,The Second World War,historical novel


Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu is a famous writer for his novels dealing with the Turkification of Anatolia and Turkish history from the Seljuk to Ottoman ages. The moral values of Turkish nation are blended in these work. Besides the above mentioned historical novels Sepetçioğlu has also written novels about the recent history of Turkey; Cevahir ile Sadık Çavuş'un Kamyonu is one of these novels. In this novel the writer discusses the period of İsmet İnönü, the social problems of the period evolving in an Anatolian town. For this reason the novel could be accepted as sociological data dealing with the period of İsmet İnönü. Taking it is a starting point we aimed to understand İsmet İnönü and the period from Sepetçioğlu's perspective.