Keywords: Turkish litarature,history education,epopees,Mustafa Necati Sepetcioglu,Karşılaştırmalı Türk Destanları


In this study, Mustafa Necati Sepetcioglu's book Karşılaştırmalı Türk Destanları is analyzed from the point of history teaching. The book, which began with conceptional discussion about epopee's meaning, is composed of three chapters. In the first chapter, the epopees, which were telling genesis in ancient peoples, is summarized, then these epopees are compared. In the second chapter, imitation epopees are compared in different perspectives. Then in the third chapter Turkish epopees are classified. In his evaluation of the epopees, Sepetçioğlu's measure is their level of reflection of nationness and the characteristics of the nation that created epopees. And he givens attention to make a causative determination. It could be said that all chapters of the book can contribute to history teaching from the perspective of his evaluation of the epopees.