Keywords: Theater,Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu,Çardaklı Bakıcı,Son Bloklar,Büyük Otmarlar


Sepetçioğlu, who says "as long as we express human beings, we will write for his happiness" has written plays on love and respect. The number of his published plays is six. In Yunus Emre the inner world of Derviş Yunus is introduced. In Çardaklı Bakıcı, he writes that a woman who disguises herself as a prophetess and robs people off. Köprü tells the power of overcoming with the difficulties of the life of a girl, named Elif, the daughter of a theologian. Elif relieves herself of the difficulties thinking of her past experiences. Son Bloklar tells the intrigues played on an engineer, who is full of human love and has the feeling of responsibility. In Büyük Otmarlar, the murders committed by the wicked people for power are told. Her Bizansa Bir Fatih tells the conquest of İstanbul, Sepetçioğlu deals with the people, administrators and institutions losing their love and respect for human beings and consequently becoming alien. in this way, he puts forward the idea that such people and such institutions will never be successful.