Cafer Gariper, Yasemin KÜÇÜKCOŞKUN

Keywords: Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu,Sheikh Bedreddin,Darağacı (Gallows),historical novel,image


Bedreddin's rebellion are told. In the fictional world of the novel, Sheikh Bedreddin appears as the historical figure. In the novel Daragaci Sheikh Bedreddin who was promoted as "kazasker" (the head of kadis) during the reign of Musa Celebi, seems to be a personality who got caught in between his identity as scholar and his political thoughts and passions. The uphearal which was shaped around his personality proved to be traumatic for it coincided with the weak period of Ottoman Empire. Çelebi Mehmed succeeds to put down the movement of Sheikh Bedreddin and his apostles, that is well adapted for a purpose to shake the social structure and to break down the political consolidation. In the novel Sheikh Bedreddin appearing with philosophical, scientific, political and social thoughts; also with hesitation and fear maintains to be distorted, but gets to be the leader of the rebellion beacuse of his political passions. Sheikh Bedreddin pays this with his life on the gallows. In the time of rebellion and trouble, he gets to be the victim of the "Sheikh Bedreddin" image, more than his real identitiy.