Keywords: Historical geography,Isparta,Tanzimat,Temettuât Defters,non-Muslim


Compared to the developed countries, the studies and surveys in historical geography have not been unfortunately carried out at a satisfactory level though Turkey has rich archival sources. One of the reasons of this is that the archival sources pose some difficulties for researchers to carry out surveys and that the contents of the archives have not been identified by the researchers. The other reason is that interdiciplinary study has not been on this subject yet. One of the most important sources giving information on social-economic structures of Ottoman cities, towns, villages, district and farmhouses in the first half of nineteenth century is Temettuât Defters. These Defters provide detailed in formation for the Muslim and Non-Muslim residents' properties, lands, livestocks, professions, ethnicities, demographic characteristics. In this study, we have tried to give information about the social-economic situation during and after the Tanzimat Period, of Isparta located at the Göller District in the Mediterranean Region. Two Temettuât Defters about Isparta district were analysed and studied and the obtained results have been demonstrated in tables, graphics and maps.