Keywords: Medicine,Medical Ethics,Patient-Doctor,Hippocrates


Medical ethics is as old as the history of medical science, Since medicine concens ali the people in a society, the methods and principles of this practice have been developed relatively carlier than other sciences.

When we look at the historical course, the ethical principles, even valid today, of the patientdoctor relationship are attributed to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, especially to the Oath of Medical Ethics (Hippocratic Oath), vvhich ali physicians are supposed to take and follow.

Although there is no certain evidence, the Oath of Medical Ethics, as \vell as other elements of ancient Greek culture and science, was left to oblivion during the medieval times.

However, together with the Renaissance in Europe, the efforts of search in ancient Greek culture placed the Oath of Hippocrates as the comerstone of medical ethics.

In the last three decades, with the imporvements and changes in social values, and concepts like human rights, new principles and rules of rich content have been added to Hippocratic tradition.