Keywords: Ethics,medical ethics,patient-physician relationship,responsibity


The vvord ethics, which is synonymous of the moral philosophy, was derived from "Ethos" a Greek vvord. Medicine is a multi-dimensional profession; and a physician vvhose material is human being must also be multi-dimensional. Medicine is essentially a moral activity essentially and necessitates discussing and knowing the correct behavior. The essential target of medicine is to protect health and help people regain spoilet health by using scientifıc knovvledge and technology. İn medicine, every king of problem that is likely to occor during the use of "right to live in a healthy way" becomes the subject of ethical discussions. İn the article, leading cases that are encountered by medical ethics during the treatment of a patient by a physician, (terminating pregnancy, blood transfusion to a Yehova vvitness, relieving the pains of a patient suffering from a severe bum) are discussed. Furthermore the reader is informed about the matters like lacking of resources during medical care, inequality in health issues, bioethics, responsibility, the function of the physcian, patient-physician relationship.