Zeliha GÜNEŞ

Keywords: novel,intellectual,spokesman o f writer,east,west


Peyami Safa, generally describes the problems that people faced in the process o f vvestemisation as well as the values that lost in Turkey. The main characters in this novels are the ones who were affected most from this process. Dravving on this live, the author mostly emphasizes values o f the west and the east, the care o f the semi intellectuals who were captured in between the values o f east and west. Most o f his characters appear to be unhappy and unable to solve the problems that they face. The characters become capable of dealing with their problems and solving them when they realize that they need to protect the old values while practising the new ones. It's possible to see secondary characters who help the main characters solve their intellectual problems. However, they are presented only with this function in the novels and their human side, private lives are not mentioned at ali. Another interesting point in Peyami Safa's novels in that his characters stand as the repıesentatives o f the aııthor. The author has a criticizing approach to other characters. However, the simply accepts the maiıı characters as they are. In this respect, one can say that the main characters are like "the spokesm an" o f the \vriter.