Keywords: inebolu,fountain,aquatic structures


inebolu is a distıict of Kastamonu according to the modem administrative division. Although it stayed under Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Candaroğulları and Ottoman dominion the quantity o f the artefacts that reached today is very few and most of them are the fountains from the Ottoman Period. We have established twenty-four fountains during our survey in inebolu. Most o f the artefacts, vvhich we plan to present here, are made adjacent to the Street vvalls, and a few of them take place in gaıden. In addition, there is one public square fountains. In these structures, vvhich are generally constructed vvith rectangular plan and prismatic body formation, usually rubblevvork and regular ashlar stones, sometimes single-piece block thin plates are used. The facade that gained movement vvith superfıcial arches is decorated vvith various floral, geometı ic, and aıchitectural eleırıents.