The Meaning Journey of Moth and Candle in Iranian Literature

Human beings for centuries have used a number of means such as literature, music, poetry and painting to express their own emotions, to convey their feelings and the ideas to the other side. Artists and poets who are suffering difficulty in some deep and submissive feelings they have experienced; have benefited from all these elements in order to be able to express their feelings they want to tell the other side in the closest and proper way. One of these element is undoubtedly literature and poetry. Poets have used a language that speaks their emotions by benefiting from various literary arts. In the same way Iranian literary poets indited their feeling and thoughts with their own language using various concepts (mazmun) and literary arts. One of these concepts is moth and candle that we studied as a subject. Moth and candle is also a story used frequently as allegory, bearing symbolic meanings like rose and nightingale. At the beginning it was pointed to the pervious revolving around fire in mystical frame; in the following centuries it has become a matter of some changes in meaning even if small changes. In this study it will be studied to evaluate in general frame of Iranian literature how were given meaning to moth and candle; moth and candle whether have suffered a change of meaning or not.

Keywords: Iranian literature, poem, allegory, symbol, candle, moth.