Keywords: Aplication,Koran stands,Wood


In Turkish Art, the fine art works on wood, development of these works, different styles, the artists and information developed due to the comparison of other cultural enviroments are very limited. Low reading desks (Koran Stands) are those of wooden art works that were destroyed or vanished completely in time. As a term "rahle" is a low desk on which reading, vvriting and dravving works can be performed, some of which are not fixed while the others are fixed like tripods or tables in shape. Basic material used for these fumitures is wood. The pre-works were completely and simply made of wood but the wood continued to survive and develop up to date which was covered & inlaid with different materials like mother of pearl, ivory, animal horns, silver and valuable stones. In this research the two low reading desks are openable and closable ın style. Both are covered with velvet. In the fırst case, fabric aplication technic and in the second case, silver plate aplication technic was used.The cloth on cloth aplication used in the first case is commonly used vvhile the metal on cloth aplication in the second case is rarely seen in Turkish Clothing Art.