Keywords: Trabzon,Greek State,Turkish Beyliks,history.Key words: Trabzon,history


Trabzon, being one of the first settlements in the Eastem Black Sea Coast, has become a tradecolony of Greece at the beginning of the 7th century B.C. before which it had been under the domination of Byzantine Empire, and eventually of the Turkish Beyliks. In 1075 A.C. Theodore Gabras evacuated the city from the Turks getting the support of some Turkish Beyliks in the area. Tovvards the middle of the 12th century the city was invaded again by the Byzantines. In the fırst quarter of the 13th century it became the Capital of a new State founded by the Komnenos vvhich had formally been escaped the Georgia while the Crusades invading İstanbul. Trabzon, as a Greek State, had played an important role during the fıght for the sovereignty of Black Sea Area among Turks Byzantians and Georgians; and due to its clever politics it survived until the middle of the 15th century.