Muammmer GÜL

Keywords: Jerusalem,Temple,Kubbat al-Sakhra,Abdulmalik,Koran


Temples, played a central role in transition from ancient cities to modem cities. For instance some cities identifıed themself with temples. Jarusalem played a leading role among other cities. Jarusalem holds the most attractive temples because of being the holly çenter for the tree heavenly religion. These temples are Solomon Temple of the Jews, The Church of The Holy Sepulchre of the Christians, The Kubbat al-Sakhra of the Muslims. This study discuses the location of the Kubbat al-Sakhra, the reasons for which it was built, whether it has any functions related to a mosque. During the construction of Kubbet al-Sahkra, vvithin the interior policy of Emevids period, a Calipper strugle existed between Abdullah b. Zubeyr and Emavies is also discussed. İn addition, description of Kubbat al-Sahkra based on the Middle Age sources, İts restoations done and inscriptions are explained.