Alpaslan Aliağaoğlu, Kadir Temurçin

Keywords: Tourism,Heritage Tourism,Tour,Atatürk Houses


Described as the biggest show on the earth, tourism fact is becoming more and more well-known. Parellel to this case, importance of tourism sector among other sector goes up. In addition to its growing importance, tourism activities are diversifying too. Heritage tourism is of one sorts of tourism recently come into existance. Described in different manner, heritage tourism can be shortly defıned as a kind of tourism based on things inherited by one generation to another. Heritage tourism is of a tourism with its own attributes and attractions. One of the attractions, which is important to our subject, is attractions related to historic figures, being homes or working places of writers, artists, composers, politicians, military leaders or leaders of popular cultures. In this context, Turkey has considerable potantials and attractions. When it is looked from the wiev of State formation, "Atatürk's Houses" are the most signifıcant among these attractions. In this study, "Atatürk's Houses" which are common in our country, are dealt vvith. İt is suggested "Youth Heritage Tourism with Social Attrubutes on the Atatürk Tour Route" be put into practice. Why the subject has social attributes is based on its vvidespread distiribution on our country and the presence of several "Atatürk Houses". Heritege tourism suggested should be, by implication, financed by the state. "Atatürk's Houses", expect for some parts of our country, coincede with country's railway network system. Thus, almost the country's ali railway network can be accepted as "Atatürk Tour Route". Railway will make this kinds of tourism easy owing to its cheapness. Another convenience coming into existance is that there exist some üniversities in places where there are dormotories. In the course of time, heritage tourism suggested sould gain intemational dimention. For this, there is enough reason, being Atatürk's worldwide importance.