Keywords: individualization,socialization,social change,globalization


Globalization is one of the most important facts of today. Individualization and socialization are important in the fact of globalization.Rapid social change has been created more individualization possibility. But if individualization doesn't materialize in healthy way, may be makes man selfısh and inharmonious with social relations. If individualization materializes in healthy way materializes healthy socialization and dependable globalization. The ethics problem gains importance at the level of social and global. As world mankind we need to create a culture of globalization and an ethics of world. For the desirable change about our world we need a healthy individualization, a conscious socialization and an ethical globalization understanding. To be respectful about rights of underdeveloped societies is not only an ethics problem, at the same time a problem of an abuse, which ruins world balance. Consequently a world culture, which doesn't have an ethics basis, contains risk of collapse. World mankind must avoid from degenerating, to be sterilized, to make dull the world culture.