Pedlars In The Context Of Occupation Folklore

In this study; being a pedlar, as it is one of the traditional occupations in the context of occupation folklore in a social group, and its reflections on oral literature are analyzed. Pedlar is an itinerant merchant that wanders towns and villages. Pedlars who elaborately place their wares into the bags on their backs, horses or carts in order to "present anything to anyone", and sell the wares by wandering around towns and villages, take advantage of the "magic of word" for introducing their products. They created their own folklore in oral culture by adding innovation, humour and enthusiasm in time and became a subject to oral literature types such as proverbs, idioms and anecdotes. In this article, being a "Pedlar" is discussed in the sense of being one of the traditional occupations, that is sinking into oblivion, in the context of occupation folklore as much as folklore describes it, and its reflection on oral literature is shown by examples. Stereotypes describe cliche value judgments which considered as some particular people have some particular characteristics. In this context, pedlar stereotype is tried to be indroduced in the perspective of pedlars who perform this work and oral culture people on the other side of this relation. Chests and bags of the pedlars and awninged carts that are pulled by horses or donkeys are the sections of today's markets and stores. In this context, transformation of traditional from bartering to supermarkets and of occupation to supermarkets, which are in very important point of contemporary life, and its becoming a guiding spirit to chain marketing are discussed.

Keywords: Occupation Folklore, Pedlar Folklore, Stereotype, Oral Narrative