Keywords: Road, Journey, Theme, Nalan Barbarosoglu, Yol Isıkları


Nalan Barbarosoğlu’s Yol Isıkları Work in The Context of Road
and Journey
The road and journey are among the main themes that have been used in the literary genres from past to present, as they are in different kinds of arts. Mainly narrative types such as epic and tale, which are first verbal products, the road and journey that form the theme of today’s story and novel contain purposes like change, search, escape, discovery and joining lovers. In modern times, these concepts transform into a metaphor symbolizing the individual’s identity crisis, loneliness, lack of communication, desire to escape and internal problems. Nalan Barbarosoglu, one of the most important authors of the Turkish storytelling after 1990, process the subject of the road and journey about the people involved in fiction in her stories based on the individual. Yol Isıkları story book of the author is a remarkable work in this sense. The stories in Barbarosoglu’s Yol Isıkları will be examined in terms of road and journey. The trail of the theme of the road and journey will be followed through of story characters search, dilemmas, clashes, fragilities, loneliness, inability to hold, hopes and hopelesness in the context of both internal conversation and the relationship they establish with the environment. Especially in the anecdotes, it will be clarified to what positions the authors correspond to the subjects related to the theme of road and journey, what they refer to, and the positions of the people in the society / family / friend environment. In addition, it will be tried to show how the concepts of the road and journey are embodied in the accounts by referring to the aspects of the stories that are compatible with the ongoing life.