Yasin ŞEN

Keywords: Karamanlı Sabuhi, classical Turkish poem, gazel, nazire.


Sabûhî is a divan poet living in the 16th century. He lived in Kanuni Sultan Süleyman period. According to the knowledge given by the literary historians, he is from Karaman and his real name is Abdullah. There are no sources in the sources of poetry’s birth and death history. Hasan Çelebi says that the poet calls himself Abdi-i Zarif. Beyani says that the poet is gracious. Sabuhi was well educated and found in various places as a professor. He was the subject of Hayrüddin Hace from the chiefs of Kânuni Sultan Süleyman of and served in the medreses in various parts of Anatolia. These places include Amasya and Kütahya. We learn from the sources that some of the well-known scholars and poets are around Sabûhî and that he himself has joined the parliament of such poets, scholars, and some statesmen. Among these are Asik Çelebi and Seydî Ali Reis. It is stated that there is a divan in poet’s sources. This article will focus on the life of Karaman Sabuhi from the 16th century poets and the gazels that have not yet been studied on.