The reform movement of Ottoman Empire that began in the military field, continued later in the field of education. Reform movements of education also firstly occured in the field of military. The first step in civic education was taken through II. Mahmud’s decision to open the rusdiye school and first rusdiye schools, began opening in 1847. Rusdiyes that started to spread to every corner of the country along the Tanzimat period, became the country’s most common educational institutions in II. Abdulhamid period. Bayburt Rusdiye, which is the subject of this study, became one of the most important educational institutions in city, from its founding until Republic days. In our study, the subjects taught in the school Bayburt Rusdiye, school’s teaching staff, number of students in the Ottoman provinces and qualities of a provincial Ottoman Rusdiye are determined. In addition it is tried to study the process of change and transformation from opening until its closing.