Keywords: Chemistry,Turkish,terminology,Tarık Artel,Türkçe Kimya Nomenclaturu Nasıl Olmalıdır


One of the books written on Turkish chemistry terminology is Tarık Artel's Türkçe Kimya Nomenclaturu Nasıl Olmalıdır which was published in 1935. Artel was regarded as a pioneering scientist who made a considerable contribution to Turkish chemistry terminology. In 1930s, intensive efforts continued to construct the chemistry terminology in Turkish. Artel, whose opinions on terminology were not fully supported, wrote an article entitled "On Scientific Terms" in 1953, taking the situation of cehmistry terminology problem in Turkish into account. In this article, Artel's views are portrayed based on his works mentioned above. In the light of the outputs obtained, Artel's contribution to Turkish chemistry terminology and his share in the progress of Turkish chemistry are presented.