Keywords: Woman writer and language,women story writers,2000s,compassion,sexuality


In Turkish literature, the language of women writers has followed the footsteps of male writers for a long period of time. The dramatic increase in the number of women writers through the changes in cultural, sociological and economical life in 2000s has led to a period in which the discussion on whether women have been able to find their own unique language is quite reasonable. The focus of this paper is to describe the characteristics of women language in 2000's Turkish stories, and to detect whether they developed their own language. The other concern of the paper is to determine whether the women writers were able to make alterations in the way the language is used by breaking past habits. Moreover, books of seven women writers who are considered as the important figures of the time were examined. In addition, this article attempts to approach women language in the contexts of compassion and sexuality, and it aims at presenting to what extent women writers are able to describe the world and the human different than the ordinary language.