Alpaslan DEMİR

Keywords: Natural disaster,grasshopper,Ottoman,grasshopper water,starling water


Mankind has suffered times of trouble because of natural disasters and has sought protection through supernatural and religious rituals. Damage inflicted by insects such as the grasshopper is also considered to be a disaster. Throughout history, grasshopper invasions have caused a great deal of suffering. Such invasions, sometimes characterized as the punishment of God, have resulted in famines, the elimination of whole villages and death. Because of the adverse effect of grasshoppers on the economy by crop destruction, people tried to take measures against it such as "grasshopper water". Also known as "starling water", "grasshopper water" was used during the period of the Ottoman Empire. In this study, "grasshopper water", which was used not only against grasshoppers but also against other insect pests as well, is evaluated in the light of Ottoman archives.