Keywords: Short story,mini fiction,Short short story,narrative


In today's world, the borders between genres become more and more vague and the generic differences become less detectable by time. For example, novel enters in the field of history by the documents it uses; story moves to poetry and poetry moves to story by form. As a result of the same intelligence, memories, travel reports, letters are written in the form of novel and story, in addition even essays and column writings are published by the title of story. All these searches and efforts, lead fictional text writers to come together under a common textual genre. The name of this common genre is narrative.

In this text, the thoughts such as; textual genres- especially storyblend with other fictional writings and sometimes with instructional texts, short story is not unique to today but existed in past under different names and in different forms, in today's world short story will lose its characteristics and will become narrative; will be tried to be proven.