Keywords: Short short story,Rasim Özdenören,storyish,impossibility


Every age prepares the conditions necessary for the formation of its own literary trends. The speed and technology following the modern period is associated with consumption. The reflections of this association is realized by the decrease in the number of words and the conceal of stories in a deeper construct. This genre appears as "short short story" in Western literature, whereas it is named as "küçürek öykü" by Ramazan Korkmaz in Turkish literature. Ferit Edgü appears as one of the representatives of this genre. In addition to him, authors engaged in short stories have begun to produce works in this genre.

One of the important representatives of the group known as "Maveracılar", gathered around Mavera journal, Rasim Özdenören is also an author who produced works close to this genre. He named these stories as "storyish". His main focus in these storyishes is on those appearing impossible. In this article, we will focus on the themes taking place in İmkansız Öyküler, a book by Rasim Özdenören.