Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey Üniversitesi, Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu, Mütercim ve Tercümanlık Bölümü, Farsça Mütercim ve Tercümanlık A.B.D., Karaman/Türkiye

Keywords: Short story, küçürek story, dâstânek, Mitra Elyati, We Stay in the Dark


Story, which is the basis of the minimal story and is widely regarded as story, has produced many different examples, especially as a result of modern sensibilities and modernist approaches. The most common example is short stories. Minimal story which is more prominent, since the last quarter of the 20th century, it is named in the Western literature as, short story, flash fiction, sudden fiction; in Turkish literature; küçürek story, very short story, short short story; in Persian literature; dâstânek, dâstân-i kûtâh-i kûtâh ve dâstân-i ḫeylî kûtâh. Küçürek stories are devoid of length and, unlike the story focus on a scene or a person. Since the character analysis, the description of the place where the event takes place, the descriptions are minimized, the reader is given the opportunity to interpret and approach from different angles. We chose the main sample of our study from Persian Literature, so when we look at the Persian literature for a short story definition; It appears with several different terms such as “dastânek, dastân-i kûtâh-i kûtâh and dastân-i ḫeylî kûtâh”. The most important feature of dastânî kûtâhî kûtâh, which is the term story literature, is that it is extremely short (500 to 1500 words). Unlike the story that interprets events and situations, the short story, which is called dastânek in Persian, lacks length, it only talks about events and situations. Usually he concentrates on and analyzes a scene or a person. Unlike the moving story, it is more static.

In this study, after giving the Persian version and its translation, a brief information about Mitra Elyati’s life who was born in 1950 in Tehran, will be given, and then the place of küçürek story both in Turkish and Persian Literature will be mentioned. We will analyze, We Stay in the Dark, which is shown as one of the most impressive and remarkable short stories of Mitra Elyati’s Mademoiselle Cathy, which is also has won Golshiri and Khaneh Dastan prices in 2001, in structural and thematic way. The story takes place between a mother, her child, her new husband and a dead old husband who is a storyteller. It is understood in the dialogues that the child lives with his mother and stepfather whom he does not like very much. In the meantime, we notice that the narrator addresses the reader from a photo frame. We Stay in the Dark, is a story formed by the intertwining of past and present,dream and reality.The fact that the story evokes the impression of reality in the reader stems from the objective description of the details. Therefore, the reader; He never loses the intensity of emotion, curiosity and excitement that arises against the story.