Bahtiyar ASLAN

Keywords: Short short story,Quran’s anecdots,Cemal Şakar,Hikâyât


Short short story is a new literary genre in our literature but, in time, it's progressively gaining currency in the consideration of the authors and readers. The favour to this literary genre means research and expanding of its potential especially and naturally by authors. Short short story is defined in the world literature as "flash fiction", "shortest story", "sudden fiction", "fast fiction" "skinny fiction", "quick fiction" and "smoke-long stories". As equivalent to the short short story in Turkish literary definitions have been used such as "küçürek öykü", "çok kısa öykü", "minimal öykü", "öykücük", "kısa kısa öykü", "kıpkısa öykü", "kısa kurmaca". Short short story refers to the word economy in narration. A well-known contemporary Turkish story author Cemal Şakar's Hikâyât is a work consisting of short short stories which takes the Qur'an's anecdots and verses as a starting point. This work of Şakar is a new position for short short story genre. This article's main subject is the short short stories in the Şakar's Hikâyât which includes Qur'an's anecdots in their background.