Keywords: : Literature of the Tanzimat,novel,social change,Turkish woman


Turkey emerged as an important element in women's novel. Although the role of women in the variable case, almost all women in the novel is given importance. Moreover, women constitute the majority of read ers of the novel also allows to give more space to women in this kind. 19 view of Ottoman women in society varies from century. Increasing the literacy rate of women being accelerated by the search for identity. The Turkish novel authors of the Tanzimat period, especially Ahmed Midhat Efendi, the novels of women rights and freedom of education to operate in place of women in society. Significant changes in the esdifferences in family structure and women at the period. Turkish men and women in terms of social life, the roles are in contrast. Turkish man and free to the outside world in general has a life. In contrast, women's family together with the remembered, the house remains connected