Keywords: Cengiz Dagcı,Anneme Mektuplar,Hatıralarda,intertextuality


Intertextual reading is a method which extends theoretical thresholds of the literature. Though the approaches of intertextual readings differ scholar to scholar, the concept of intertextual reading appears as a text-centric method for reading. This is also a method which examines the relationship of the reader with the other texts. This method points out to the other texts as a way to analyze the layers of meaning of the text. This study tries to make an intertextual reading between Cengiz Dağcı's autobiography and his novel. Cengiz Dagcı was taken as a good example for the limited intertextual analysis since he uses his personal experience in his works. The novel "Anneme Mektuplar" brings interesting examples into attention in terms of general intertextuality. The aim of this study is to evaluate the general contribution of this reading to the general meaning of the text.