Dursun AYAN

Keywords: Merce Comes Maymo,history of science,Andalusia,mathematical geography,Mediterranean Islamic cartography


Professor Mercè Comes Maymo was a distinguished scholar at Barcelona University on mathematical geography, astronomy, and Arab language and science of Andalusia. Before her death in February 2010, she was either a member of the administrative board or the chair of the following institutions: the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science (UHPS), the International Academy of History of Science, the Commission on History of Science and Technology in Islamic Societies (CHSTIS), Institut d'Estudis Catalans, (IEC) (The Institute for Catalan Studies). Professor Mercè Comes' last study was the project of Spanish Culture Ministry titled "Cartografía náutica árabe en el contexto mediterráneo (ss. XIII - XVI), influencias entre oriente y occidente". This study will present Professor Mercè Comes' summarized biography, full list of her studies and translations to the Turkish readers.