Mithat AYDIN

Keywords: Denizli İdadisi (Preparatory School),The Directorate of Education in the Aydın Province,1899 Earthquake,Ali Rıza Efendi


The İdadi (Preparatory) schools were important milestones in the modernization of educational institutions in recent Turkish history. The Rusdiye schools were followed by the İdadis, which was opened in 1873 in order to prepare students to high schools. The expansion of the preparatory schools outside of Istanbul took place after the 1880s. In this context, the Denizli İdadisi was opened in 1891. Seven teachers worked in this school of five-year education. This study will examine the school administration, courses taught, teaching staff and the school's student status. In addition, the negative effects of the 1899 earthquake on Denizli Preparatory School and Denizli's educational life are the other issues that we examined in this article.