Keywords: Divan poet,nazîre,redif,Nâbî


Considering that the redif is generally determined by the topic in Turkish lyric poems, the meaning that the redif "…ki dirler o bizüz" adds to the poem draws attention. Acting through the idea that the poets have meant themselves with "we", the poems in this redif is found to be worth studying. In the determination of the poems, I acted from the point that the redif with same meaning might be "nazîre". Hence, I took the major representative of the poetic philosophy, Nâbî's poems written in this style as a model, and analyzed the gazels with redif "…ki dirler o bizüz" in and after the 17th century. While discussing the nazire tradition of the classical Turkish literature, the study will attempt to examine the poets with a common zest, and to reveal the identity of the poet who referred himself as "we" by thinking that the redif adds value to the contents of the poems.