Keywords: Edip Cansever,Second New Movement,Medüza,image,existentialism


As the second important name in the Second New Movement in Turkish poetry, Edip Cansever was first influenced by the Garip tradition, and then joined in the Second New Movement with his poem Yerçekimli Karanfil. His Medüza was a poem filled up with images written with the benefit of mythology. This poem is dominated by the existentialist philosophy. Individualism and individual existence are important in existentialism. The poet tells the crises of the individual who has alienated to society in this poem. The existential aspects of Medüza are as follows: The unity of life with the work, individualization, identification, the combination of subjectivity with objectivity, feeling and verification with emotion. The dominant factor in Medüza is the vision of man to win the loneliness and exclusivity and to gain his individuality.