Keywords: Ahmet Mithat Efendi,les Jeunne Turks,cultural change,westernization,innovation


The military achievements of Ottoman Empire made the state bureaucracy to think that they were always superior and powerful state. The Ottoman failure in the realization of the innovations following the Renaissance and Reform made the West superior in all areas. The superiority of the West appeared first in the military sphere. The reason for the first innovations was made in the military was this superiority. The Ottoman permanent embassies were founded in European capitals to catch up Europe's advancement. The students were also sent to catch up the scientific aspect of this advancement. The wonder of the Ottoman Muslim society who lived a traditional life style about European lives caused the change in Ottoman society in many areas. The exhibition of European life to the Ottoman society with the relations of education, art and trade had an effective role in speeding-up of the change process. The process of change formed a basis for consisting of popular culture between the two cultures and without their traditions. The examination of these types of people in the novels of era might give the general characteristics in the change process. The novel "Jöntürk" stands at the intersection of the popular culture prevalent at the time and the westernization process of the late Ottoman age.