Keywords: Musa Celil,“Moabit Defterleri” (Moabit Journals),concentration camp,patriotism,heroism,homesickness


Musa Celil is a prominent Tatar poet who was born in 1906 and died in 1945. In his short life he wrote many distinguished poems. He was a source of inspiration for other Tatarian writers. He was the leading figure for a new literary movement emerged in Tatarian literature. For now this movement hasnot been named or identified. During the years of World War II. Musa Celil wrote his many important poems when he was under arrest in Moabit Concentration Camp built by the Germans. The conditions were very hard in the camp. Even under this circumstance Tatar people conveyed these poems to each other and didn not let them fade away. After Celil's death the poems were collected and published under the name Moabit Defterleri (Moabit Letters). Patriotism, homesickness, yearning for the beloved and friends, and feelings of heroism are the main themes of his poems. This article aims to introduce the distinctiveness of Celil's poems in respect to language and style.