Keywords: İlhan Berk’s proses,‘identity’,life,art,literature


İlhan Berk, prominent having his identity as the poet, is also a remarkable writer with his prose style works. Berk, with all these literary works as diariEs, essays, memories, interviews, narratives, selflife stories as Uzun Bir Adam (1982), Şifalı Otlar Kitabı (1982), El Yazılarına VuruyorGüneş (1983), Şairin Toprağı (1992), İnferno (1994), Kanatlı At (1994), Logos (1996), Poetika (1997), Kült Kitap (1998), Ben İlhan Berk'in Defteriyim (2004) shares his impressions with the reader on his own identity, artartist (in particular poem-poet), Turkish and world literature, world, people, animals, grass, objects, cities, places. In short, he tells his own art, literature and life. In this study, İlhan Berk's proses are discussed as far as they were reflected in his works, Berk's opinions on his identity, art, life, outlook on life, his philosophy and artist personality will be revealed.