Kamuran ERONAT

Keywords: Sebahattin Âli,Ses,place,person,character,behavior,psychology,prisoners


As one of the most predominant narrators of "Country Letter", Sabahattin Ali accomplished to draw attentions by his powerful observations and descriptions. He also tried to touch on the Turkish society's general formation by his realist works. Having a comprehensive knowledge of expressive richness of Turkish language, Sabahattin Ali is known by his sensitivity to subtle details and his aesthetically influential stories. As an experienced and sophisticated artist in narrative techniques, he stands out with his attentiveness to place and character formation that composes the basis of narration. Thus Sabahattin Ali's story of "Ses" draws attentions with the shaping effect of place on human character; and his attentiveness to the importance of this fact proves that he was a significant social scientist. The acceleration of the movement in the plot in different places and distinguishing property of the elements supporting the character development, specifically the objects and the equipments in narrow and wide framed places are among the indicators of the narrator's technique, his selective and careful evaluations. From this point of view, the story of "Ses" carries a privileged value not only with the thematic richness and the properties in the emotional intensity but also with the realistic approaches to place and character relationship. The mysterious formations in the details also reveal the traumatic structure of the human psychology. Consequently the literary and aesthetic prosperity in the story reaches to peak points.