Nurullah ÇETİN

Keywords: Bahtiyar Vahapzade,unity of language,culture,art,literature,religion,and the unity of nationality and ideals


Bakhtiyar Vahapzade, the great poet of the Turkish World emphasizes on the need for the unification of Turks all over the world in his poems and writings. For the unification, he believes, first of all, that the unity of language, culture, art, literature, religion, and the unity of nationality and ideals are required. Therefore he thinks that the poem is an important means of the struggle. In this context, he gave much room to national and social matters in his poems. In addition to this he produced a rhetoric which makes the national excitement alive. Intensively emphasizing the Turkish-Azerbaijani brotherhood for the unity of the Turks, he stressed the importance of inclusion of the other Turkish communities into this unity. He also offered Turkey as the place for the realization of the great Turkish unity. According to him, the Turkish unity would first start in the cultural ground, and contniue with the unification in scientific, political and economic spheres.