Keywords: Poetry,emotions,ideas,dialectic,Bakhtiyar Vahapzadeh


Emotions alone are not enough to make the poem to emerge. Likewise, ideas alone are not sufficient for the art of poetry. A poem based only on emotions remains superficial; the non-emotional but pure idealistic texts are far from having the effects of poetry. In fact a poem emerges out of the meeting of contrasting emotions and ideas. Therefore the balance in the dialectic of emotions and ideas conducts the art of poetry. As with the products of many poets the dialectic of emotions and ideas were established in Bakhtiyar Vahapzade's art of poetry. The poet achieves this dialectic in some of his poems, but in some others the dialectic and the synthesis that depends on it could not be achieved, and the poet seems to stay in the ideal level. Such texts looks weak in terms of the art of poetry.