Keywords: Era literature,cultural change,Westernization,Turkish novel


The urbanization in the Ottoman Empire became an important social phenomenon in the period of Tanzimat. Together with the 19th century urbanization, cultural change also fastened. Westernization appeared in all aspects of the daily life, and the idea of reform that started from the state and expanded to the whole society became effective in the change of old life styles. İstanbul and the people of İstanbul became highly affected by this change. This city and its quarters turned out to to be the center of attraction. Beyoğlu and Galata became as favourite places. Adalar, Boğaziçi, Çamlıca, Yeniköy, Tarabya and Büyükdere resorts and entertaining places were considered as those of Bologna or Vincent in Paris. With its Western style of life, dressing, couches, and modernized dining styles İstanbul resembled to Paris. This also became reflected in the novels of the period. The writers in the Tanzimat Era compared İstanbul and Paris in many aspects.