Melek Çolak

Keywords: Atatürk,Gyula Gömbös,Turkey,Hungary,Balkan Pact,revisionism


The Hungarian Prime Minister, Gyula Gömbös, who was contemporary to Atatürk and came to power in 1932, pursued a revisionist policy and signed agreements with Italy and Germany. An admirer of Atatürk, Gömbös visited Turkey in 1933 to establish closer relations between Turkey and Bulgaria in the Balkans. With this visit, though Gömbös fortified already improving TurkishHungarian cultural and economic relations, he could not obtain the political support of Turkey. In this study, based principally on the documents found in Hungarian National Archive (HNA) and Hungarian sources, Gömbös' coming to power, policies he followed, his admiration for Atatürk's revolutions and cultural, economic, and political relations developing within the context of his visit to Turkey are investigated.