Veysel ŞAHİN

Keywords: Necip Fazıl,poetry,man,life,death,existence,world,tragedy


Necip Fazıl is one of the most important poets of Turkish literature. He, having undergone deep fractures in his literary career, sets his existence leaving deep traces on the poetical climate.

Poetry is a mirror of his psyche. He builds his poetry upon modern and mystic foundations and he gets away from social problems a great deal questioning the individual existence of man and directs to the inner life. So, the artist takes the vulgar and exploiting aspects of life into his poetry. According to him, the place of man in life is the stage on which a tragedy is played. The protagonist and antagonist of this stage are life and death. For the poet, life is a sacred process gifted to man, and apart from this, is the only reality carrying man to the inevitable end. The death for Necip Fazıl, on the other hand, is a dark wall before life.

This study examines the tragedy of "life and death" Necip Fazıl often emphasized in his poetry.