Keywords: Manuscript,textual criticism,copyist,copy of the text,historical vocabulary,language change,evolution


In this study, the differences between the vocabulary of the manuscripts which are the heritage of the Turkish culture has been worked out. The differences of vocabulary among the manuscript has been shown by giving the examples from Behcetü'l-H. ada¯éik. fı¯ mevèiz.eti'l-h˘ ala¯éik., the Süheyl ü Nev-baha¯r, the Narh Books of 1640 and especially Münebbihü'r-Ra¯k. idı¯'in. The differences appeared in the vocabulary and grammar of the manuscripts are due to social and linguistic differences of the time has been determined. When the comparison among the different manuscripts prepared in different centuries are made, it appears that the vocabulary and the grammatical differences are very important sources for the analysis of languages.